Turkish Galvanizing Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish galvanizing, Turkey galvanizing manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality galvanizing from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

SHIVAS PROJECTS INDIA PVT. LTD.        Hindistan     Sanjay Katyal    
s acid oil tank, acid tank, agitator, air pollution control, air pollution control systems, bag houses, blowers, chemical tank, clo2, cr strip pickling tanks, electro pickling, fiberglass product, frp product, frp-grp fans, fume-exhaust-sys, fume-scrubber, fumeless pickling, galvanizing, grp-products, hcl, hypo reactors, pp tanks, pp-frp, pp-h tank, pvc, pvdf-frp, static mixture, storage, wire pickling lines, zincing
KIRAC GALVANIZ A.S.        Türkiye     Serkan MALÇOK    
s traffic equipments, traffic safety equipments, traffic safety products, traffic signs, traffic direction signs, direction signs, road sign, road signs, road direction signs, direction road signs, pedestrian guardrail, pedestrian guardrails, steel pedestrian guardrails, guardrails, steel guardrails, pedestrian fencing, pedestrian railings, led traffic signs, led stop signs, traffic warning signs, warning signs, led warning signs, illuminated traffic signs, road barriers, crash barriers, road safe, barrier systems, galvanizing, guardrail, hot dip galvanizing, highway guardrails, led traffic signs, road safety barriers, solar panel frames, solar panel frame, wooden guardrails, crash cushion, road safety barrier systems, solar panel mounting frames, solar mounting frames, steel road guardrails, steel highway guardrails, road guardrails, wooden highway guardrails, wooden road guardrails, safety guardrail, safety guardrails
VALMONT-MITAS POLIGON DEMIR CELIK A.S.        Türkiye     Burak Gelegen    
s agriculture, steel, fasteners, expanded metals, street lighting, galvanizing, grinding media, irrigation, ag machinery, tower, irrigation solutions, transmission poles, military, road safety barriers, building infrastructure, valmont, access systems, handrailing, architectural screens, grating metal, lintels, metal coatings, industrial tubing, pneumatic tubing, construction tubing, fire protection sprinkler pipe, civil infrastructure, aerospace, mining industry, heavy industry, grain handling, water resource management, drainage systems and covers, pedestrian bridge tube sections, public safety and security, area lighting, traffic sign structures, utility structures, gsm tower, power delivery structures, substation structures, distribution poles, communications, street and area lighting, traffic control, grating and expanded metals, valmont irrigation, root demand irrigation
KIMTAS GALVANIZ METAL KAPLAMA        Türkiye     Selim Daşkın    
s galvanized coating, galvanizing, grounding rod, highway guardrail, galvanized anchor, galvanized chain, cable channel, galvanized bolts, galvanized sheet, galvanized profiles, galvanized ikitelli, galvanized boiler, galvanized collector, galvanized chain galvanized clamp, galvanized chain pod addition, threaded galvanized zinc coating
s zinc-plating, spelter coating, zincification, zinc plating, galvanizing, zinc coating, brass plating
s design, energy transmission lines, power lines, gsm base station tower and apparatus, steel construction elements, galvanizing
DEV-KAZAN GALVANIZ SAN. TIC. LTD. STI        Türkiye     onur davraslı    
s galvanizing, electro-galvanized, profile galvanized, profile, galvanized, galvanized screws, galvanized wire, galvanized nails, galvanized pipe
GURMAK METAL SAN.VE TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s guardrail, steel construction, sectioned direction pane, overpass, root overcoat, metalizing, solar power, shelter, sound curtains, snow barricades, wroughe iron, galvanizing